Hiromi Ishii was born and studied composition in Tokyo. Having taught at several academic institutes, from 1998 she studied electroacoustic music in Dresden and later at City University London where she was conferred her PhD. Her pieces have been presented at music festivals worldwide such as Musica Viva Lisbon, MusicAcoustica Beijing, EMUfest Rome, Cynetart Dresden, Punto y Raya, NYCEMF, Synchresis, Festival Videomusique by Musiques&Recherches, Seeing Sound Bath, NoiseFloor Staffordshire and more. In 2006 and 2013 she was invited for Artist in Residence at ZKM Karlsruhe. Her recent works focus on 3D multi-channel acousmatic, and visual music for whichshe composes both music and moving images in parallel. She has two CDs from Wergo (”Wind Way”, ”sai-ji-ku”). Ishii is currently living in Cologne giving lectures and workshops on visual music.

Refraction is a creation of various forms and movements of light and shadow. The source image is a photo of fishes. It was deformed and its blue tone and silver light were extracted. The basic sound of music is an extracted harmonic movement of Shakuhachi single tone. Reducing, extracting and refining are typical ways of creation seen in Japanese traditional art. Music and Images were composed in parallel by author Hiromi Ishii.